Gold Farming Contest event

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Gold Farming Contest event

Post  Trismegistus on Sat Nov 20, 2010 12:12 pm

The idea for this event has evolved out of my frustration over the rate that I am able to raise gold. I can make enough gold it seems for lvling, gear, or skills, but not enough for 2 or 3 at a time. I have come across some posts that make it seem that it is possible that low lvl gold farming is much more profitable than it was when i was playing those lvls.

Read this post to follow what I am interested in putting to the test:

So if you follow some or the bragging going on, 35m a hour, 270m a hour etc. My question, are what is the expense versus gross to give net profit (total real profit), and what mob gives the best hourly gold. Is Zuney counting b/g 5 and 6 seals that she sells, or can you make that much NPCing drops from cursed harpy. Are ghosts still the top mob for gold farming, or after the drop rate changes last month are there mobs in dratan that are better?

The winner is who can find the best mob and the right toon and gear to get the most gold per hour by NPCing the drops (selling to the in game npc merchants). Post should include details like exact gear used, lvl of the toon etc. What items such as crit, hp steal or IDB, LS, LSB are needed and what the TOTAL profit is after all your expenses. Results must be repeatable.
Include some SS of fighting the mob, what items you get, etc. I hope that some people get into this event and the results may make some discoveries that help the whole guild so be honest about your bragging. I hope that we can learn some tricks that can make TheEmpirE the wealthiest guild in Tairen.

OK, I am going to run the contest until December 27. That is the monday after Christmas. It will take some effort to gear up some low lvl +15 weapons, deck out some lvl 90 NS's for ghosts, or whatever strategies are experimented with. The reward will be 50m for the highest amount of gold farmed in one hour. That should get some people off their butts, but in the end i hope we all make 100X that amount.

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Re: Gold Farming Contest event

Post  walkiria on Mon Dec 27, 2010 8:11 am

this is my type..

in 1 hr i maked 14-25kk.
i needed only lucky scroll and crit potion.
6*lucky scroll 7,5kk
little crit potion 4kk
so real profit is very low..max 13kk in 1hr

my goldmaker^^still the same lvl.
i need only lucky scroll or buff 4*drop:)
i maked 50-70kk in 1 hr
so real profit 40-60kk.i think is good.

still need only lucky scroll or buff^^
i maked 45kk in 1hr
real -35kk
not bad.

i maked 170kk in 1 hr.
i need much pots.
hp stealer 5kk
mp stealer 4kk
lucky spell book 9kk
lucky scroll 750k*6
cost pots is 70kk
real profit 100kk

All my char have wep+15

i think that if you have gold idb and rest pots still better droping at cursed harpy.more gold and exp.
but if you dont have gold you can making low lvl noob and will be ok.

my english still is not good,sorry:)


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