Skill Point faming - What is it and how to reach your goals

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Skill Point faming - What is it and how to reach your goals

Post  Trismegistus on Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:38 pm

Skill Point Farming
Skill point farming is any stage in the game where you concentrate primarily on skill points especially over exp and leveling.

Why do we SP farm
SP farming is done at low lvls especially under lvl 36 because certain mobs [monsters] give more SXP [skill experience point] than others and are easier to kill or gain fast SP. By understanding this stage in the game you can create a strong character and save a lot of time. It may seem boring and counter intuitive, but put on some good music and relax, it will save you a lot of time if you do it right.

How to SP farm
The basic plan for a low lvl character is to level slow and concentrate on maximizing the amount of SP you get for every level. The first step is to get the guild master to set up a 50% exp donation also called a exp lock or cap. 50% of your exp goes to points that are used to upgrade the guild. Generally the guild does not need these points but we use this tool for sp farming.
Understanding the mob locations, thier level and the SXP they give is important.
Notice the SXP given in Velpist Temple is 3300 and in Prokion Temple is 5500. Most mobs anywhere else will give 1100 SXP. Skill experience is awarded according to your lvl. The mobs that are the same lvl as you will give the maximum SXP. So you can see that Prokion Temple is very important and that the lvls you can maximize your SXP per kill is lvls 17 (ghouls) though 29 (orc sergeant)

Method 1

The easiest way to SP farm is to buy loads of Aeria Points, or use a ton of gold (I will soon add a post on making gold). Use platinum super skill pills on Prokion mobs that are the same lvl as you. Get get up to 1 or 2k SPB [skill point boosters] and spam them on every kill. Use Crit pots, Adrenaline, attack pots and minerals, anything that will help you kill faster. Get a exp lock and skip elizabeths enhancement since you are using a PSSP you don't need the extra exp.

Method 2

Without AP [aeria points], and since that much gold is hard for new players, this method will work, but take more time. Get a EXP lock and kill only mobs that are 5 or 6 lvls below you. This works because the EXP drops more than the SXP and you will get more SP per lvl killing mobs under your lvl. Some people employ this method starting at lvl 1. You can decide what your goals are, and when you want to start, I might start SPing this way in Velpist at lvl 9. Some people power lvl to lvl 20 and start SP farming in Prokion.
Combine method 1 and 2. Use any PSSP or SSP that you can get. Grind in Velpist or Prokion with PSSP, Crit, Adren, or any other pots you can get when you can get them, and use SPB on same lvl mobs in prokion when you can save them up. Drink espresso and rum and turn on your favorite grinding music.

How much SP do I need
In progress, more to come soon

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