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Post  anarchist on Mon Sep 06, 2010 6:17 pm

Many ppl from guild and outside of guild knows that Castle Siege is something regular for us, so help us to keep going doing this, dont be scared or disapointed when we lose, in fact every Castle Siege we do, make us to win more by growing members knowledges about how it works, and not afraid to ask every time you need , what you could do ( no matter lvl), where you need to be, etc during castle sieges. For an easy start dont afraid to ask here all what you need to know about castle sieges, we will be happy to make you understand how things works. And here is first lesson during sieges, ALLWAYS DURING SIEGES TRY TO READ CHATS (guild chat, felowship chat, even general chat) YOU COULD GET FROM THERE DECISIVE INFO. Wink

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