Leveling, Combat Parties, Plvling and the Cube too.

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Leveling, Combat Parties, Plvling and the Cube too.

Post  Trismegistus on Fri Oct 01, 2010 8:34 am

Hey everyone,
It seems that a couple months ago, it was easy to get combat parties quickly in guild chat for lvling. Sometimes full combat parties. Also I would often help others with CP's and gain a few lvls for my jaguar. The last couple weeks Anarchist was on and helped my once (thanks Ana for the help many times). I can't seem to synch up with other people lvling either.
I have kids at home, during the day sometimes I can CP and or jump in for a little plvl while my 3yo is entertaining herself, but have to run of course to help her out. If we can use this forum, maybe we can link up by leaving msgs here to help link up in the game.
I also plan on trying the cube for lvling after lvl 110 or so. It takes me longer sometimes to raise gold for expb's than to pot up and grind. It seems that grinding in the cube may be a way to gain exp and sp at the same time, and use less expb's. I should be there in a week or 2, so let me know if anyone is interested in CP's in the cube.


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